About Us

Transportens Udviklingsfond is a fund that aims to support, subsidise and develop new education and courses for the transport industry in Denmark.
The fund is partially owned by the employer organisation for transport and logistics (ATL) and the drivers labor union (3F).
The purpose of TSU is to develop and subsidise initiatives that will contribute to better education of danish truck drivers. This can be scientific research, development of new courses, pilot projects and studies abroad.
We aim to collect and process relevant knowledge and experience to enable us to meet any future demands for the Industry.
Applications for fundings must be send to the funds secretariat and must include a brief introduction to the project.

Mission Statement

  • Establishing of courses and other sorts of education for members of 3F and representatives of the employers within the sphere of interest to future of the transport industry.
  • Execution of conferences for representatives of transport companies management and 3F-members about future demands for education and educational means related to possible challenges and opportunities for development of the industry.
  • Etablering af "forsøg" med henblik på tilvejebringelse af erfaringer og viden omkring nye undervisningsformer og uddannelsesindhold.
  • Forskning vedrørende fremtidige kvalifikations- og uddannelsesbehov.
  • Iværksættelse af støtte til studierejser og studieophold i udlandet

Transportens Udviklingsfond - what we do

  • Transportens Udviklingsfond subsidizes establishing of new educational curses within the transport inustry.
  • Transportens Udviklingsfond reimburses expences on apprenticeship fee.
  • Transportens Udviklingsfond reimburses expences on apprentices studies abroad.
  • Transportens Udviklingsfond reimburses expences on apprentices books.
  • Transportens Udviklingsfond grants an amount of 10.000 d.kr. by signing of a new appretice-contract. The money will be paid when appreticeship is succesfully obtained.